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Massage Therapy
  • Professional massage specializing in pain relief

    1 hr

    Price Varies

About the Artist

Experience a massage session like no other. Sun, our licensed massage therapist will read your body like a book. She doesn't watch the clock or only focus on your back - there's no clocking in or out and attention is always given where you need it most. 


Open communication before, during, and after visits are always present. Practicing wholistic care ensures a full connection of body and mind. As a first-time client you can expect her to investigate what ails you and bring it to the surface with your help. This is not a spa or spa treatment - it is purely therapeutic and all-inclusive (no added fees) with your session.

Sun is very well-versed in pain relief for artists (repetitive motion, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpel tunnel, sciatica, etc.). Every person is to feel respected as an individual with individual needs. 

Sun Red Sky Studio Custom Tattoo Shop Massage Therapist Table Room

Therapeutic Massage by Sun

What therapeutic massage should be:

  • A resource for body and mind to reconnect and become more aware of space within oneself.​

  • A place of tranquil conversation not only with oneself but your therapist.

  • Safe*  You should know that client confidentiality is of upmost importance.

  • Worry free. Judgement free. Diagnosis free. I am not here to heal you but to enable you to heal yourself. 

  • I'm happy to use all of my skills, knowledge, and intuition in every session. 


Get in touch to find out more about Massage by Sun. Your intro session will include a thorough analysis of how your body and mind will benefit from therapeutic massage.

After your intro session, we can start a membership plan or continue to pay by the hour. Please inquire about pricing. 

Any hours you pay for will "roll over" - see additional info.

If you should need to cancel, please do so within 48 hours. If you do not show or no proper notice is given, there is a 50% non-refundable fee.

Roll Over Time

Hearing the time ticking away during your session should never be a thing. If you have paid time and your session lasts 20mins or 2hours - your minutes will be tracked and available to you next time.


 This is your respected time and I'm looking at your therapy as an open space for you to really clear your head.

Advantages of roll-over time:

You and your therapist will never be pressed for time again - leaving more room for healing and growth.

Time allotted at the beginning of your sessions to discuss your conditions and needs are not included in your actual massage time. However, if you are looking to talk afterwards or need some time to rest on the table - these will be included in the minutes pre-purchased, when applicable.

Sun Red Sky Studio Custom Tattoo Shop Massage Therapist Table Room