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Common Questions From Our Clients

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Are you open?

Yes, we are open Thu-Sun 3pm-8pm and by appointment. For best results, schedule a consultation online. Hours may vary; we'll be closed during 4th Ave Fairs and Festivals.

What about COVID?

All artists tattoo in their own private room. Air filtration and surface sanitation are in practice with or without a virus circulating. We take our & your health very seriously.

Do you pierce?

No. We do not currently have a piercing artist on staff.

What do you recommend for tattoo aftercare?

We offer View Guard for smaller tattoos.

"Dynarex View Guard Sterile Transparent Dressings provide a breathable barrier for wounds, letting air in while keeping moisture vapors and fluid out." (Dynarex Website)

This is kept on for 3 days then washed with warm, soapy water. Otherwise we recommend 2min hot water 2min cold on a fresh tattoo for the first day or two. Keep your healing tattoo lightly moisturized. Use a light layer of Aquaphor or unscented lotion.

Can you do cover-up tattoos? 
Scar/Stretch Mark cover-ups?

We will have to sit down together to discuss these questions. Generally, we can work together on these projects; but it completely depends on the type of cover-up, how big it is, and where it is located. You will need to book a consultation with your artist in order to determine any cover-up work. To cover or beautify scar tissue, we will also need to take a look at the area in question.

Do you have tattoo flash or walk-in tattoo times?

We do not *usually* do walk-ins. Most of the time our artists create and tattoo custom pieces. This means, an artist might have a ready-to-tattoo design; however, they will not re-use a design. Your tattoo will be completely unique and tailored to you. We typically require one consultation session before any tattooing takes place. You can come in with a design you want but we will still sit down and work through the design in our own way. We can often tattoo same-day.

How do you determine pricing?

Each artist can determine their own pricing. Generally speaking, you will get a price for the whole piece or you will pay by the hour. Smaller pieces are easier to price out ahead of time. Larger pieces and ongoing work tend to be paid for by the hour. If you are worried about pricing, please mention it to your artist. We value the work we do and we hope you will as well.

Do you also tattoo in color?


We do color tattoos as well as black and grey. Each artist has their own preference. We encourage you to check out each artist's work and see who is doing work similar to what you would like to get. You can also send us examples of what you'd like and we can tell you if that's something we would like to work with you on.

What kind of ink do you use? Is it safe? Is it vegan?

We use Solid, Fusion, Dynamic, and Eternal Inks. They are all safe, reliable brands.

"All of our pigments are vegan and cruelty free. Made in the USA." (Solid Ink)

"We use cutting edge technology to provide the safest inks on the market." (Fusion Ink)

"Dynamic Color products contain zero animal products and are never tested on any furry friends." (Dynamic Ink)

"Eternal Ink is free of animal by-products and is vegan." (Eternal Ink)